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ROAD TEST INFORMATION:   TEXT  469-844-1377, CALL 972-463-0732  or  email  info@northtexastesting.com

SCHOOL: 972-276-9100       info@safestartdrivingschool.org

Step 1) Sign a Contract with Safe Start Driving School and provide them a copy of the students permit [ if your student enrolled in a 32 hour teen/adult class, they already signed a contract and paid with regular tuition ]

Step 2) Pay for the Lesson ( $55 a lesson)

Step 3) Go Online and Schedule a Lesson with  Safe Start Driving School on   http://www.scheduleyourlife.com/

Step 4) Show up to your Lesson 15 minutes ahead of time.

Make sure you bring
- Your Permit

- Your Glasses/ Contacts ( if needed) and other optional items ( closed toed shoes & sunglasses).

Do NOT expect your student to be able to text on a driving lesson - they will be occupied for the full time with their lesson - even during the observational hour!

Step 5) Look at your grade at home with your parents. Is there feedback? Suggestions? A consistent low grade? Don't be afraid to ask your instructor where you are needing more improvement or what to expect for your next lesson!

Step 6) Practice at home 2 - 4 hours between lessons to maximize your learning, skill building, and confidence building. Recommend breaking the 2-4 hours in 15 mins sessions. 


prices of driving lessons

Driving Lessons are $55 for 1 hour of driving. Most lessons are packaged into a 2 hour session. Driving for 1 hour, and the 2nd hour watching your partner drive - called observation.

Driving Lessons can be pay as you go or as a set of 7, depending on state requirements for your age.

Driving Lessons ( 7 hours of driving, 7 hours of observation) are included in the 32 hour teen/adult class package.

Your student will drive for an hour, while another student observes, then the 2nd hour, the students switch. *If your student does not need the observational hours ( Adults 18 +) required by the state, just let the instructor know that you would like to be dropped back at the school after you have completed your hour of driving.

Starting to Drive ...

We recommend 15 minutes of wheel time prior to Lesson 1.  Take your student to a large parking lot (High School parking lots, out of business grocery stores, football stadium parking lots) or a large park with driving paths (Rowlett Community Park or Herfurth Park)

Have your student sit in the car with the car off. Have them
-adjust the steering wheel
- adjust the seat
-adjust mirrors
-learn where the lights are ( regular, high beams, low beams, fog lights, running lights, etc),

-get used to turning on and off the car. 

Once that has been accomplished, we recommend trying to drive the vehicle. WITHOUT ANY GAS/ ACCELERATION, have the student start the car and go into gear, and start practicing
-using brakes softly
-turning right and left ( start with large circles, squares, and figure eights - then move to turning at stop signs)

Do as much as you can in each 15 minute session. If you both can go longer than 15 minutes without becoming tired, scared, or angry - try going to 20 or 30mins.

​You will need a total of 30 hours  of practice before your student is eligible to get their license ( if student is in 32 hour teen/adult course).

Need a new practice log ?  CLICK HERE TO PRINT A NEW 30 HOUR PRACTICE LOG

Doing smaller amounts of quality time with specific goals helps build a working relationship with your student and your nerves without making either party upset, angry, or scared. Understand this is a LEARNING experience and soon your student will  have confidence to be an independent driver!