In-Person Class Schedule

Safe Start Driving School

Classroom & Driving Lessons in Rowlett

All students will need to be dropped off at our office in Rowlett for all services. No after school pick up at this time.

​​CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED due to  COVID-19. Please reserve your spot by email.

     2020   Fall 
Classes must have  5 students minimum or class will be canceled.  If you have a group of 5 students or more I can start a new class date and time.  

Class        Start            Time            Final Exam

Z1B    09/08/20     5:00-7:00pm         09/26/20
Z1C    09/08/20     7:00-9:00pm         09/26/20

Z2B    10/12/20     5:00-7:00pm         10/31/20
Z2C    10/12/20     7:00-9:00pm         10/31/20

Z3B    11/2/20     5:00-7:00pm         11/21/20
Z3C    11/2/20     7:00-9:00pm         11/21/20

Z4B    11/30/20     5:00-7:00pm       12/19/20
Z4C    11/30/20     7:00-9:00pm       12/19/20

Need to reserve a class spot? Please email the FULL NAME, DATE OF CLASS, AGE of student who will be attending.

All classes are Monday - Thursday   for  3 weeks, 2 hours a day
Paperwork will be sent home for parents to fill out sign and return.

Office Hours  --     Mondays Only for 9am-8pm for paperwork pick up drop off.   

****Students need a black ink pen and notebook everyday in class.****
(All students are encouraged to bring their own mask)
*On the first day of class I will need a copy of the following:

1) Proof of identification* (one of the following) *
-U.S. Passport (unexpired)
-U.S. Birth Certificate (state issued - no hospital
certificates accepted)
-Texas ID card (state issued)
-U.S. Alien Card (If you were born outside the U.S)
-Court order name change along with Birth Certificate

*2) Proof of Social Security* *
     Social Security Card

DPS will need proof of High School Enrollment, Original Proof of Identification, and Original Proof of Social Security. DPS does NOT take any copies.  

To show proof of high school enrollment, please be prepare to show DPS any of theses items. I recommend bringing more than one : Current School ID, Attendance Record, Report Card, Progress Report, Print out from your online school portal, and / or VOE form ( verification of enrollment form). 

Prices and Services
The classroom portion of the course meets for three weeks
for a total of 32 class hours. In addition to classroom time, it is
required that every student complete 7 lessons of driving at
Driving School, which will be scheduled each week outside the classroom, 
fitting their own schedule. As of May 2010, all students will be 
required to complete *30 additional hours* of drive times with their 

Classroom Package / In-car 7 one hour lessons & Learners Permit Test 

*Classroom $255 
includes 32 hours of classroom
Includes Learners Permit Test  $5  (Included in price above) and DE-964 permit paperwork.

* In-car 7 one hour lessons  $245  / $35 per-lesson at time of in-car lesson
  After student gets a permit and starts drive times

For a total of: $500 

Payment by  Cash / Check  only,  classroom portion must be paid in full $255  by end of 3 week class. You can pay all at once or in multiple payments ( 3 payments of $85).
Payment must be paid in full before student receives a permit packet.

Payment by Cash/ Check only, for driving lesson portion of $245 is due at the time of Drive times ( student may begin this portion of the course once they have their permit). 

ONLY student will enter the building with office staff. No parents will be allowed in the office due to COVID-19 restrictions.  We can check your paperwork curbside if needed.

Our customers’ health and safety is always our number one priority. It’s important for you to feel comfortable in our school to get the help you need.   We have increased the frequency of cleaning and sanitation efforts in our school. All cars are wiped down/sprayed before the start of every lesson.

Students and staff will be required to have temperature taken upon arrive to school.   UVC Light Sanitizer will be in every room as a disinfection device that keeps microorganisms away.  Students must provide their own masks for driving lessons, and classroom.  Classrooms are wiped down before the start of every class. We are also managing our staffing levels to provide help to customers while actively supporting social distancing goals.

Masks and/or gloves, and other safety precautions are needed for class. Please follow current State and County mandates that are active at the time of your class. We will NOT provide these items to you. If you have anyone at home who is sick or feeling ill, have any persons who are immune compromised at home, or does not feel comfortable coming to class/drive time for any reason, please reschedule. 

There will be NO RESTROOMS or waiting areas available inside our office for parents or family members. This is for students only. We cannot accommodate parents inside the building at this time.

Please email any questions for the quickest response.

Need to reserve a class spot? Please email the FULL NAME, DATE OF CLASS, AGE of student who will be attending.

On-Line classes available for students that done wish to attend in-classroom. 

Safe Start Driving School Office Staff

Updated at 5-30-2020