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 *All students are required to take class for a minimum of 6 hours and be 15 years old, and pass their permit test before applying for their permit.

Once students have their permit, they are allowed to drive along with an adult over 21 who has had  a valid Texas Driver's License for at least 1 year. Also, the adult can not have had a DWI/DUI in the past.

PERMITS ARE REQUIRED FOR STUDENTS OF ALL AGES, 15 - 99+ years old in order to practice on Texas roads. Students over the age of 18, a permit is called a "Provisional Texas Drivers License with restriction B"

In order to apply for a permit, you must bring the following to the DPS:

1) Texas Driver's Education Certificate for Permit
( a minimum of 6 hours of education from a physical school or online school is required to receive this certificate. Safe Start also requires payment is paid in full and all documents & contracts are signed and turned in before receiving permit certificate)
2) Application for Texas Driver License (DL-14A) or (DL-14As Spanish) is available online at or in any driver license office

3) Fee for processing paperwork
            $16* for Teens 15 -  17 years old & 11months
            $16-24* for Adults 18 years and older

4) Verification of Enrollment (VOE) Form (from your HS, it expires every 30 days during the school year or 90 days during summer), a HS diploma, or GED. If you are home schooled, let me know and I can send you an additional form
( If you are over 18, you do NOT need this requirement. )

‚Äč5) Proof of identification*      (pick one of the following) 
       -U.S. Passport (unexpired)             
       -Court order name change along with Birth Certificate
       -U.S. Birth Certificate (state issued - no hospital certificates accepted)
       -Texas ID card (state issued)                  
       -U.S. Alien Card (If you were born outside the U.S)

6) Proof of Social Security*         Social Security Card

*The  DPS will only accept ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS,  no copies or facsimiles. These documents will be returned to you after the application has been entered into the DPS system and a permit has been printed.

7) Two Proofs of Residency

You will NEED 2 ; they can be either in the applicants name, a parents name, or one from each person. The person/parent taking your student to the DPS will need to be the one to show proof of residency  - in their name.

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