3905 Melcer Drive #504 Rowlett, TX 75088

ROAD TEST INFORMATION:   TEXT  469-844-1377, CALL 972-463-0732  or  email  info@northtexastesting.com

SCHOOL: 972-276-9100       info@safestartdrivingschool.org

Driver's License Testing can be completed two different ways...

Option A) You can make an appointment with DPS.

Sometimes the wait can be long before you can reschedule if you fail or if your schedule changes. Also, DPS officers and the overall experience can be perceived as intimidating.

Please visit the link below to schedule with DPS for a ON-SITE Test.

Option B) You can make an appointment with State Authorized DPS Third Party Test Site like here in Rowlett Texas! Our location is a designated School for the Third Party Skills Test Program, Class C Driving Test

We offer Driver's License Testing for ALL AGES


What happens after you pass your on the ROAD TEST with North Texas Testing?

You will receive paperwork from our Tester to turn in at DPS. DO NOT BREAK SEALED ENVELOP. Then you will go to the DPS to process your paperwork, fingerprinting, vision exam, and take the official photo for license. You will need to bring all supplemental documents to the DPS with your SEALED ENVELOP from North Texas Testing. 

What is the Fee at DPS, if any ?

Fee at DPS $11-$24* will be for vision exam, finger printing, and photo.  *subject to change based on DPS policies

What happens if I fail my first attempt at the ROAD TEST?
-Your 2nd attempt AND 3rd attempt are at no extra charge. However, the tester does reserve the right to request a driving school car rental that has a secondary break for safety if the student being tested refuses to practice at home before coming back for another test. The rental fee will not be waived in this instance for any attempt.

If you fail three times with our Road  Test Examiner, then you will not be able to test at any third party site and will have to test at DPS only.

Where do you practice parallel parking?

Behind the Cici's Pizza/ Aldi's Grocery Store at the corner of Hwy 66 and Rowlett Road. There are 3 sets of poles available 24/7 for your convinence to practice.

*ONLY practice with passenger side door next to curb
*PLEASE rotate though the poles giving everyone waiting a chance to practice. Don't camp out at one set of poles while others are waiting to practice.

What if I need assistance with Parallel Parking or need a refresher on skills for the Road test?

**Recommend** A pretest is $50 cash only. It is approx is 15-30 mins long and usually completed in the students own vehicle. A parent is allowed to come along, only if it doesn't make the student uncomfortable. I will go over the full route, all maneuvers required, detailed parallel parking assistance, and overall confidence boosting! Not needed for all students. Highly recommend for students with anxiety,  lack of skill/ confidence, those who have previous failed a road exam, or students who are just curious about what is on the exam. 

Other options: 
A private lesson is set up through Safe Start Driving School. $55 cash/credit/debit. It is a full hour of driving instruction with a certified driving instructor. They will go over items covered on the test ( not as detailed as a PRETEST, but still shows the students the route & works on parallel parking), along with other important requirements of driving - you can tell them what you want to learn, or you can have them evaluate you and go over any skill issues. You will be in the driving schools' car - not your own vehicle. Can be one lesson - can be several lessons. 

A private lesson with Sarah, a certified instructor & the authorized Road Tester, is $80 cash only for a full hour. It includes everything in a pretest PLUS private lesson material. This is for the student who needs extensive help. More than likely they need more than just a "refresher" -  they need to LEARN how to do a certain skills like lane changes, highway driving, staying in their lane, speed control, backing up, parallel parking, etc. Can be one lesson - can be several lesson. Will give feed back to parents and student - such as.... letting you know of any problems or concerns; how to fix bad habits; what needs to be worked on at home during practice sessions. 

These are all optional services. Not all students need a Pre-Test or Private Lessons before a Road Test.

To schedule a Pre-Test or Private Lesson, just inquire when emailing your information back. Space is limited. We will do the best to accommodate you before you Road Test.

In Short, the program was created for eligible students getting their license for the first time to bypass the long waits at a traditional DPS setting. 

Third Party Programs are generally more customer friendly and able students to navigate the confusing path to becoming a Driver, a little easier. 

The Third Party Skills Testing (TPST) program was implemented September 1, 2014 authorizing Commercial Driver Education schools that meet requirements set by the Department to administer the driving skills examination.

Commercial Driver Education schools that meet these requirements and have undergone instructor testing, drive route audits and approval with the Department of Public Safety are now eligible to give the skills examination. This program is intended to reduce the time a teen must wait to perform their driving examination.

Approved Third Party Skills Testing schools may administer the driving skills examination to those who meet the following criteria

*Complete a 32 hour course (16-24 years old) or a 6 hour course ( 18-24 years old), or no course required ( Adults 25+)

*ALL AGES ARE ALLOWED TO TEST with a Texas Permit ( 16, 17) or Texas Provisional License with Restriction B  (18 + )

*View the ITTD ( 16, 17) or ITYD  (18+ ) video and receive a certificate dated within 90 days of the skills examination.

(All individuals tested through the TPST program must complete the IMPACT requirements, prior to taking their driving skills examination.)

NOTE: Fee structures for driving skills examinations administered through the TPST program are not regulated by the Department.

To read facts regarding program:



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