3905 Melcer Drive #504 Rowlett, TX 75088

Driver's License Road Test Information & Scheduling:   TEXT  469-844-1377   or   email     info@northtexastesting.com

Free Shuttle Service

Rowlett students are picked up where the Science Buildings/Portables are on the Main Street side of school.

3:00 - 5:00 classes have a FREE shuttle from Rowlett HS, Lakeview HS, Harmony High School, and Sachse High School. Shuttle service is only available on days when public school is in session.

*Transportation is not available for summer, night classes, or Fridays ( no class on Friday)*

When you register for class, please let us know you'd like to be added to the shuttle list!

Final Exam at CiCi's Pizza!!

Register for Classes

Cool Guest Speakers like Sandy with 'Share the Road' - motorcycle awareness!

SCHOOL: 972-276-9100       info@safestartdrivingschool.org

 32 Hour Teen & Adult Course

What to Bring to class everyday... 

To every class bring a one subject spiral notebook to take notes and complete a daily journal.  Also, bring a black ink pento write notes and sign government documents. 

If applying for a permit, please visit the PERMIT page on what you need to bring to class.

Sachse students are picked up across the street at the intersection of Briarcrest and Miles Road.

Spanish Books/Tests Available

Class meets 4 days a week, Monday - Thursdays, for Three Weeks
‚Äč (Off Fridays -OSA ( outside assignment) replacement)

*If there is a week skipped for Spring Break or Thanksgiving Break,  the schedule will look like it is 4 weeks long, but the holiday week is skipped.

*If there is a Tuesday start date, Friday may be the make up day or two OSA may be assigned. Please call or email for claification.

This class is mandatory for all students under 18 years old.

It is recommend for adults who want a more comprehensive learning experience.

This package includes: 3 weeks of class, permit test, final written exam, and 7 driving lessons. $420.00. *If your student already has a permit, then the package is $400.00

Class        Start         Time                   
D            2-04-19        6-8             2-23-19
E            2-19-19         3-5             3-09-19  *Tuesday start Date
F            2-25-19         6-8             3-23-10  *no class week of Spring Break
G           3-18-19         3-5              4-06-19
H           3-25-19         6-8              4-13-19
I             4-8-19           3-5               4-27-19
J            4-15-19         6-8               5-4-19
K            4-29-19        3-5               5-18-19
L            5-06-19         6-8               5-25-19
M            5-20-19        3-5               6-08-19
N            5-28-19        6-8               6-15-10   *Tuesday start Date

                         Summer 2019
O1         6-03-19     1:00-3:00am             6-22-19
O2         6-03-19     11:00am-1:00pm      6-22-19
P1         6-10-19      9:00-11:00am          6-29-19
P2         6-10-19      3:00-5:00pm            6-29-19
Q           6-17-19      6:00-8:00pm           7-6-19
R1         6-24-19     1:00-3:00pm             7-13-19
R2        6-24-19      11:00am -1:00pm     7-13-19
S1        7-1-19         9:00-11:00am           7-20-19
S2        7-1-19         3:00-5:00pm             7-20-19
T          7-8-19         6:00-8:00pm             7-27-19
U1       7-15-19       1:00-3:00pm              8-03-19
U2       7-15-19       11:00am -1:00pm       8-03-19
V1       7-22-19        3:00-5:00pm              8-1-19
V2       7-22-19        9:00-11:00am            8-10-19
W        7-29-19        6:00-8:00pm              8-17-19
X         8-12-19        3:00-5:00pm              8-31-19

Activities with Drunk Goggles while learning the Dangers & Consequences of Alcohol