3905 Melcer Drive #504 Rowlett, TX 75088

DPS  TESTING:  CALL OR TEXT  469-844-1377  info@northtexasdpstesting.com

Register for Classes

Fall  32 Hour Teen & Adult Course

Cool Guest Speakers like Sandy with Share the Road!

Final Exam at CiCi's Pizza!!

To every class bring a one subject spiral notebook to take notes and complete a daily journal.  Also, bring a black ink pento write notes and sign government documents. 

If applying for a permit, please visit the PERMIT page on what you need to bring to class.

SCHOOL: 972-276-9100       info@safestartdrivingschool.org

Free Shuttle Service

Sachse students are picked up across the street at the intersection of Briarcrest and Miles Road.

Rowlett students are picked up where the Science Buildings/Portables are on the Main Street side of school.

Activities with Drunk Goggles while learning the Dangers & Consequences of Alcohol

3:00 - 5:00 classes have a FREE shuttle from Rowlett HS, Lakeview HS, or Sachse High School. Shuttle service is only available on days when public school is in session.

*Transportation is not available for summer, night classes, or Fridays ( no class on Friday)*

When you register for class, please let us know you'd like to be added to the shuttle list!

Spanish Books/Tests Available

Class meets 5 days a Week (Monday - Friday)
..for 3 Weeks of Class 

This class is mandatory for all students under 18 years old.

It is recommend for adults who want a more comprehensive learning experience.

This package includes: 32 hours of class, permit test, final written exam, and 7 driving lessons. $400.00. *If your student already has a permit, then the package is $380.00

Class   Start      Time     Final Exam
V        07/24/17     3-5      08/12/17
W      07/031/17    6-8      08-19-17
X        08/14/17     3-5      09/02/17
Y        08/21/17     6-8      09/08/17
Z        09/05/17     3-5      09/23/17
ZA      09/11/17     6-8      9/30/17 
ZB      09/25/17    3-5     10/14/17
ZC     10/2/17       6-8     10/21/17
ZD     10/16/17     3-5     11/04/17
ZE      10/23/17    6-8     11/11/17
ZF      11/06/17    3-5     12/02/17
ZG      11/13/17    6-8     12/09/17
ZH      12/04/17    3-5     12/23/17

What to Bring to class everyday...